Our Brew House was created to support craft breweries....

House Joint Resolution No. 522 recognizes that “Virginia’s craft breweries already are an economic engine in the Commonwealth; most sell their beverages only in Virginia, thus the money raised from sales of craft beers and the revenue from tourists visiting the breweries remains largely within the local economy.” And that “the members of the Virginia Craft Brewers Guild also contribute to the state’s economic growth through job creation, the purchase of locally grown barley and hops, and the donation of spent brewing grains to local farms to be used as animal feed.” Furthermore, Virginia’s General Assembly is “encouraging residents and visitors alike to patronize the dozens of traditional craft breweries in the state.”

What will you find at 55 East Main’s Brew House?

  • friendly atmosphere with alley/patio dining
  • delicious and fresh food
  • Brew House food and drink specials - wine and cider too!
  • games for all ages
  • Beer!